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Create Lasting Change

& Begin Living the Life of Your Dreams!!!

This is a Manual for Success.
Embrace Your Greatness


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Includes 90 Day Program & Manual
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Includes 90 Day Program & Manual

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Sponsor 4 Books for Prison Ministry
Includes 90 Day Program & Manual
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Includes 90 Day Program & Manual

Create Lasting Change & Begin Living the Life of Your Dreams with 90 Days of Transformation.


Some of the Areas covered in this Manual for Success include Clearing Your Space, Having a Clear Vision, Focus, Action, Assessment & Review.


This book will assist you with changing your mindset and your habits so you will be equipped to incorporate these principles into your goal-setting for the rest of your life.

90 Days of Transformation is a 12-week Process that assist you with getting clear about what you truly desire, creating a vision for your life and then taking the necessary steps to turn that vision into reality.

Support our Women's Prison Ministry by sponsoring an inmate today as we assist incarcerated women with being productive, successful citizens upon re-entry into society.  Also, order copies for you and your loved ones.  Makes the perfect gift.


90 Days of Transformation

is more than a book, it's a MOVEMENT!!!

Small Heading
Small Heading
Small Heading
Vision of Hope
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(Sponsor 1 Inmate Each Month)

Includes 90 Day Program & Manual

$25 per month

You've Got the Power!!!

Dr. Denise Dyer is an Inspirational Speaker, Author and Founder of Hold the Vision Ministries.  She is one of the first graduates of Inner Visions Institute which was founded by Best-Selling Author and Spiritual Teacher Iyanla Vanzant.


In her book, 90 Days of Transformation, Denise supports people with creating lasting change as they begin living the life of their dreams.

And now this 90 Day Program is being introduced to incarcerated women through Hold the Vision’s Women Prison Ministry.  Dr. Dyer saw the necessity for women behind bars to be reminded that they still have the ability to own their power and to never give up on creating the life they truly desire.

Hold the Vision Ministries is committed to offer women behind bars Hope, Inspiration and Direction.

Denise is passionate about supporting people with leading extraordinary lives. She says regardless of age or background we all have the Power to create lives of Purpose, Passion, Prosperity and Infinite Possibilities!!!  It’s ALL about what we choose to FOCUS on each and every day.


FOCUS on what your Truly Desire.  You Deserve the Best!!!























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